6 Responses to “Check out our Route”

  1. Bunny said

    Hey girls, I am following you but have not heard from you. Are you ok? Can’t wait for you to get to SFO. You are in my thoughts and prayers, xoxoxo Bunny

    • smit3694 said

      Of course we’re ok. 🙂 We’re doing wonderfully!!! Will definitely get in touch when we’re closer to San Fran. See you then!

  2. debbie said

    hello there – we have been following your blog since we met in Newport Oregon! wanted to share something
    I found out on Monday – the Peggy and Henry with the
    steelhead and fluffy couch? Peggy is my boss – is that a small world? that you two would just happen to find these two peoples in Newport? I overheard her telling this other woman about two girls on bikes that came from Minnesota and stayed for dinner and crash pad…….wow

  3. Hi guys, I really enjoyed reading your blog this summer. I met you the day you took off from the stone arch bridge in minneapolis. I was surfing the interwebs and just remembered about your awesome blog, so I had to come check it out again. Your route looks totally insane. Way to kick butt. congrats.

    • smit3694 said

      Hey, Thanks Patrick! 🙂

      I think back on that trip, and I’m like, amazed at how many miles I put on my bike… I really can’t believe it… I don’t know how we did it… Was definitely fun, and we’re glad to have entertained you vicariously. 🙂

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