Liz and Colleen, Colleen and Liz.  Two girls who don’t know what they’re doing, but who do know that they’ll be having the time of their lives while trying to figure it out.

Colleen: crazy, irrational and unpredictable.

Liz: weird, some-what rational, enabler and crutch to Colleen’s insanity.

Together we strive for adventure and randomness and ultimately, some good stories to tell.

We are a great duo.

We will be spending Summer 2010 bicycling across the country.  We began in Minneapolis, MN at Stone Arch Bridge on May 20 and headed West for starters.  Our route is up to fate – we’ll follow the road wherever it takes us, and the advice of the wonderful strangers we’ll meet along the way. We have some major destinations – Bellingham, Seattle, Portland, San Fran.  And if all goes well, we’ll make it all the way down to San Diego before time runs out.  We’ve got to be back in Minneapolis by September 7th for the beginning of our last semesters of undergrad at the University of Minnesota.  But in the meanwhile, we’re living life without rules and ripping up the pavement on our mad, 4,000 mile dash across this land of the free, home of the brave.  Wish us luck, check out our crazy stories, and leave us comments.

Peace out, kiddos.


6 Responses to “About our Insanity”

  1. Michael Smith said

    Colleen and Liz-
    I jope you gals have a fulfilling and safe trip. I will pray for you every day. Calling for help or stopping short or delaying plans is not a sign of wekness but more likely a sign of wisdom.\\\Love

  2. Counter Culture Clown said

    Liz, be careful, don’t forget you’re pregnant with my baby!

  3. Kevin said

    Ladies; I thought about you today with these 25mph west winds. Probably a good day to see Fort Peck Dam.
    Safe Travels.

  4. Uncle Ken said

    Yo! Whad up? I like the “road rain” pictures. Nice. Sounds like quite the adventure; I’m a bit envious, but also so proud you’re having this experience. Over-protective-avuncular instict DISCLAIMER: “Please be safe. Stop often, stop early, and stop when you hear that little voice that says: ‘We should stop.'” Fatigue and freedom make us all a bit crazy, so have fun, but be safe so you can get back to Minneapolis in one piece, because I want your iPod…. 🙂 Love you! – Uncle Ken

  5. kinzie said

    LOVE your girls’s pictures! the one with part of the guys head and the highway on the motorcycle is awesome!!
    i loved to read this, and am definitely going to keep checking it out! the part about the small town bars made me appreciate living here even more! i love the small town simple life, so much easier to focus on one’s TRUE self and TRUE thoughts, rather than becoming influenced by new trends and new shit in cities, or having your thoughts be interrupted by crazy pedestrians, nonsense traffic, and machines that never sleep.
    it was great to run into you girls again in Shelby, what are the odds??? hope the rest of your trip goes well, keep in touch and keep the peace!!
    much love and positive vibes, kinzie

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