“Where’s Mikey?”

August 7, 2010

Mikey doesn't know that this picture exists. But now YOU all do!

Oakland has been a joy to the world, all you boys and girls.

Rockin' out in the park.

Days 75 – 79 have seen us breezin’ (like a summer mooooornin’) in and out of San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland.  Be it theatre productions, excursions into People’s Park, hiking through the lush woods and gazing uberdiscombobulatedly into the bounitful bosoms of nature (all the way into the chasmic chest cracks of her blessed breasts, might I add) for 4 hours, visiting friends for breakfast extravaganzas,

We found a Kitty!! At a shop in China town! Sooooo cute!

shopping for cute kitty plates and incense burners for realllllllll cheap in China town, crawling all over art galleries and then partying at a POOH (Party in Our Own Honor) all over apartment complexes, learning the magical secret to the art of the hula hoop, wondering where in tarnation (or the Bay Area) Mikey is, or generally biking the SHIT out of this city, we have spent our hours basking in the glory of… well… NOT biking 10-hours a day and NOT struggling for survival and NOT trying not to die and NOT successfully making tracks down the coast…  In short, we have enjoyed the benefits of having a stable roof over our heads and taking a break from the insanity of the road, substituting it instead for the insanity of a freeloaders life in California.

Possibly the worst (or best?) photo of Colleen currently in existence.

We are hitting a wall again.  Every time we get an extended break, it’s been difficult to give up our new “home” and return to the road.  This time, it’s an epic struggle.  We have already biked a total of over 2,200 miles.  We don’t have anything left to prove to you people.  Consider yourselves verily shunned.  We’re not even going to bother saying any of this “Shun the non-believers” crap anymore.  Consider it done.  We would prefer to stay at Ethan’s place in Oakland for a few more weeks of actiontastic nonsense behavior, but we can’t.  We just can’t.  We have to plod forward like old, worn-out workhorses, hauling our ridiculous loads up and down the hilly coast and then hauling our buns all over the Nevada desert for our half-marathon-that-we-didn’t-train-for-at-all from hell.  And we really really really can’t figure out why anymore – not at this point. Now that the shunning has already taken place. 

(That is the only reason we ever did this, you know.)

And with that, we have come to, BUM BUM BUM, day 80. 

Day 80, plan: Successfully get out of the city to somewhere further South.  We’ve been through this all before – navigating out of big cities is tricky and frustrating.  If we can pull it off and find a place to pitch our tent (once again… *tired sigh*), we’ll be “happy.”

Ethan is taking off on a road trip of his own (by car, unfortunately… the dang kid feels like burning petroleum instead of calories, like an intelligent person), Mikey is taking off for wherever the hell it is that Mikey’s go, and we shall be alone again.  Just the two of us, on the road again.


No, but seriously, thanks for being a great host, Ethan.  And thanks for being an… um… entertaining travel partner, Mikey.  We’ll miss you when our crazy tent parties are down to two confirmed friends on the invite list.

San Francisco Moment of Zen


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